Friends of Saint Peter Lithuanian Parish – Update # 15
January 6, 2005

Happy New Year to all Friends of St. Peter Lithuanian Parish!

It is a happy new year so far considering that we are still open and functioning as a Parish. We have no further information to report about our status. We continue to operate and continue to try to communicate with the archdiocese and the committee that Archbishop O’Malley created in an attempt to present our case for keeping the Parish open.

The Friends of St. Peter Lithuanian Parish have been incorporated and as such, the organization is exempt from federal income tax. Letters will be sent to each donor who contributed to the Friends acknowledging the donation so that as each of us files our tax returns, we shall have verification of the donation. All letters should be mailed on or before January 15th, 2005.

Since the Friends are now incorporated, we are required to conduct an annual meeting at which time we shall review and vote to adopt the organization’s by-laws. The by-laws will be posted on the Friends of St. Peter Lithuanian Parish website under the Organization link. Please take a moment to look at them. Copies will also be available at the meeting. A Board of Directors will also be elected to continue and oversee the business of the Friends. The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 25, 2005 at 7:30 p.m. at the Church Hall.

I hope to see you at the Friends meeting.

Until then, I am, sincerely yours,

Gloria Adomkaitis, Chairperson
Steering Committee