Friends of Saint Peter Lithuanian Parish – Update # 17

April 8, 2005

Dear Friends of St. Peter Lithuanian Parish,

News has been slow in coming since our last update in February. However, I will take this opportunity to report and review a few things.
We are awaiting a response to our letter of inquiry from the Congregation of the Clergy in the Vatican. For many months, we received no information and thus did not even know if the Congregation would even choose to read our packet of information. Then about a month ago, Fr. Zukas received a letter from the Vatican informing us that they, indeed, were reviewing our situation and needed more time to deliberate. A response was promised on or about May 10th, 2005. We are waiting but perhaps the death, funeral and mourning period for the Pope will delay the anticipated response.

The response from the Congregation for the Clergy can be multi-layered. First, they can decide that the process and decision made by the archdiocese were correct. Second, they can decide that the process and decision were incorrect. Or third, they can decide that the process was incorrect but the decision was correct. Or fourth, they can decide that the process was correct but the decision was incorrect. It could be a very confusing situation. Regardless of what the response will be, we shall be prepared to confer with our canon law attorney to decide the next course of action.

As soon as we know anything at all, we shall try to disseminate the information quickly.
In the meantime, if you know of anyone who might wish to be on the Friends e-mail list, please send us the address at

We also finally received responses to our letters from the lay committee organized by Archbishop O’Malley to review the reconfiguration process. In one letter, there was the promise that the committee would make time to come to our parish to meet with us and listen to us. We are still waiting for an appointment.

Mass attendance had declined in the last few months and this is an issue of great concern.
We are fighting to keep our Lithuanian Parish open. We are supporting it financially but we are not supporting it with our physical presences during masses or other activities. We will be sending a letter encouraging parishioners and friends alike to consider their commitment to the parish and to dedicate time to attend mass at St. Peter Lithuanian church.

A very successful Kucios/Christmas Eve supper was conducted in an attempt to draw in the many newly arrived immigrants from Lithuania to our church. A well-attended Easter luncheon, right after 10:30 a.m. mass was organized and very well received by new immigrants and others who looked for a place to spend some holiday time. Congratulations to the groups of volunteers who organized these two events. They are planning a special mass on May 22nd at the 10:30 a.m. mass…. another attempt to welcome newly arrived immigrants to our parish. Join us on the 22nd, if not before, and see what’s happening in the Parish.
The Hill of Crosses still stands as a proud symbol of our determination to show our resistance to the notice of intent to suppress our parish. Please add a cross to the Hill at any time. We look forward to its continued growth. A group is planning to remove winter debris from around the crosses on Saturday, April 16th.

A beautiful Easter service was conducted at the 10:30 a.m. mass on Easter morning. The procession around the church was filled with children ringing small bells, others carrying the statue of the risen Christ, the Easter candle, incense, the cross and all was accompanied by the singing of the traditional Easter hymn, Linksma Diena. Our traditions are truly beautiful!

Until next time, I remain,

Sincerely yours,

Gloria Adomkaitis
Chairperson, Friends of St. Peter Lithuanian Parish Steering Committee