Saturday, June 12th, 2004

Hello to all Friends of Saint Peter Lithuanian Parish;

This is written to provide the latest information about our efforts to keep St. Peter Lithuanian Parish open.

A Central Steering Committee has been formed to act as a clearing house and sounding board for all actions being undertaken in our campaign to nullify the intent of the archdiocese to close the Parish. Committee members are: Gloria Adomkaitis, Gintaras Cepas, Rima Knasas, William Olevitz and Anthony Shalna.

A Finance Committee, comprised of Algis Adomkaitis, Vytautas Dilba and Wanda Griganavicius Kiely, is busy receiving, recording and processing donations that are coming in daily. It is important that we reach our intended goal of $100,000+ if we plan to challenge the archdiocese in a meaningful way. So, please, if you have not yet donated to the cause, please take time to write and send your check today. A $500. donation per family is suggested but any donation, larger or smaller, is welcomed and needed. Acknowledgements, of donations received, will be sent out in the next few days.

If you know of families or individuals who may have left the area, but still feel an emotional attachment to the Parish, please contact them and ask for their support. If you have additional names, addresses, phone numbers or email addresses of individuals who may wish to support our cause, please send them to our email address We appreciate your help.

The Public Relations/Publicity Committee will be officially formed next week. A seed group of volunteers has been working busily preparing for the rally which will be held this Sunday, June 13th, after the 10:30 a.m. mass. Please make every effort to attend to show your support for the continued existence of St. Peter Lithuanian Parish. Please bring your families. Wear native
costumes and bring Lithuanian flags, if you have them. The media has been invited to attend.

The first meeting of the Appeals Committee was held on Wednesday, June 9th. Many sound ideas and processes were discussed. Assignments were divided among the group. The group will meet again next week to refine their objectives. A list of Committee members will be available in the next update.

Inquiries for outside assistance have been made and are now being evaluated. More info next time.

We hope to see all of you Sunday, June 13th, at the rally.

Gloria Adomkaitis for the Friends of St. Peter Lithuanian Parish