Dear Friends of Saint Peter Lithuanian Parish-

We have added information about the June 13th rally onto the website. If you were not present, you may be interested in
reading the comments that were made on that beautiful day. Monsignor Contons' message is not to be missed. The honorary
consul of Lithuania delivered hearfelt words during the remembrance. You can read the welcome comments and see the
article which was sent to the South Boston Tribune and So. Boston OnLine. We even have hundreds of photographs for you to
peruse to get a feel for the day or to look for your own face in the crowd.

The day was very well organized and many participants went out of their way to compliment the symbolism interwoven into
the activities. We encircled the Church with a symbolic hug...created by linking dozens of Lithuanian sashes or juostas and
held by hundreds of parishioners.
We released 100 white balloons into the air as a symbol of our 100 year Jubilee and another 3 blue balloons as a symbol of
hope and trust in God that we would be alive and well to celebrate our 101st jubilee and beyond.
The rally was dotted with imaginative and attractive placards and posters. Red , yelow and green flags waved in the bright
sunshine. Many parishioners and friends proudly wore the three colors on scarves, ribbons and pins.

Parishioners traveled from New Hampshire, New Bedford, Cape Cod, western MA, South Shore and North Shore to participate
in the rally. Lithuanian friends from Brockton, Lawrence and Fall River joined us at the rally. Thank you for being there. The
Brockton K of L Council donated to our appeals fund. How gratifying to receive support and prayers from Lithuanians from all

We were thrilled to receive a $5000. donation from the Cambridge Lithuanian Citizen's Club at the rally.

Kudos to the organizing committee which worked efficiently and with passion. They produced a wonderful rally in a very short
time. Next time you see any of the group, please extend your thanks. Key members of the organizing group were: Mirga
Girnius, Diana Zibaitis, Rima Girnius, Barbara Trybe, Valentina Cepas, Reda Limantas, Daiva Navickas, and Ieva Matulionis.

Our work continues. The appeals committee is researching and looking for any documentation and information which could
shed light on the very beginnings of the Parish. The public relations committee has been meeting weekly and sometimes
more often, to plan and strategize for future activities. They have been pro-active in reporting our situation to Lithuanian
television and the Lithuanian press both here and in Lithuania.

The Finance Committee continues to receive donations which will help us reach our goal of $100,000+. Acknowledgements
of donations have been sent out and continue to be sent on a daily basis. We have reached 60% of our goal! What a wonderful
achievement in 17 days. If you have not yet sent your pledge or if you did not make a pledge but would like to donate to The
Friends of St. Peter Lithuanian Parish Appeals Fund, please do so today. You can download a form from the website.
Remember, each and every donation is appreciated and truly needed if we are to wage an efficient campaign to save our
beautiful Parish. If you know of individuals who have not been contacted about the appeal, please send us their names and
addresses and we will approach them.

Until next time-

Gloria Adomkaitis for the Friends of St. Peter Lithuanian Parish