Greetings to all Friends of St. Peter Parish –

Since our last update, I have the following news to report.

The Steering Committee has met several times in order to coordinate all the activity swirling around us.

The Public Relations Committee meets weekly and continues to brainstorm about how to keep our cause in the forefront. They are tireless in their efforts and unbounded in enthusiasm. Through their efforts, we participated in an interview done on New England Cable News on Friday evening, June 25th. On New England News In Depth, Chet Curtis interviewed Gloria Adomkaitis, representing St. Peter and another representative from St. William. It was a good opportunity to get some information out but there is never enough time to say everything one might wish.

On Thursday evening, a reporter from Newsweek Magazine interviewed Gloria and two dancers from Samburis, the Lithuanian Folk Dance Group of Boston, who were rehearsing in the Church Hall for the upcoming dance festival in Chicago. Newsweek is doing an article on the archdiocese of Boston and its closing of ethnic parishes. The reporter was very interested that the group uses the hall for rehearsals, that most of its members are parishioners, even though they live in various communities far from So. Boston and that most of the young people were bilingual. He tried to gauge the impact of our church’s possible closing to this group as well as all the other groups that use the parish as a center. He was in awe at the beauty of our church and the pristine condition of the facilities. It remains to be seen what actually will be published.

The Appeals Committee has fanned out and has volunteers looking through archdiocesan archives, microfiche at the Boston Public Library, through Registry of Deeds and even had squads going through the rectory from attic to cellar – looking for any documentation that might be used in our appeal to have our church stay open.

They are finding all kinds of interesting material but no "heavy ammunition" yet to bolster our appeal. They are working hard and meet weekly.

By the middle of this week, the Friends of Saint Peter Lithuanian Parish will be incorporated and all donated monies will be placed in a separate account to be used for expenses associated with our appeal. We are happy to report that as of this date, we have reached 80% of our goal to reach $100,000+. Congratulations to all of us for such a wonderful response! If you still have not sent in your donation to the cause, please do so without delay. Every donation helps us reach and hopefully surpass our goal.

The Friends have retained the services of a Canonical Consultant and Mediator. He is advising us and he is crafting our official appeal. He will meet with committee members next week. The results of this meeting will be reported in the next update.

Remember: your comments, suggestions and questions are welcomed at

A second mailing to all parishioners and friends was made on Saturday, June 26th. The mailing included the updates published on our website, an organizational chart and a reminder to send in donations to those who have not yet donated. It was a massive job mailing out 800 letters with six sheets included. Thanks to the team of Wanda Kiely, Dalija Karoblis, Helen Suprin, Ruth Naujokas, Norma Snipas, Algis Adomkaitis, and Daiva Navickas, whose computer expertise, has created a new, up to date parishioner data base and who creates mailing labels to make our job easier. We are considering other methods to inform our Friends of happenings – methods that would be more time efficient and more economical.

Until next time…Think+

Gloria Adomkaitis