Friends of Saint Peter Lithuanian Parish- Update #6 August 9, 2004

Hello Friends-

Much of the same work is continuing especially in the research area. Much material has been examined and much remains to be investigated in the hopes that we will find the one piece of information that will help us in our battle to save the parish. In the September 8, 1908 issue of the Boston Globe, there was a detailed article about the blessing of the church. Thousands of Lithuanian men participated in the ceremonies coming from all over greater Boston and beyond, (Where were the women? I wonder.) The article retold the fact that there were ten bands that were in a massive procession that snaked its way through the streets of South Boston before returning to the Church for a 10 a.m. mass. A list of church hierarchy in attendance was named. The article was full of interesting details but the best part of the article was the mention of AN IRON BOX, CONTAINING COINS AND NEWSPAPERS OF THE DAY, A CHURCH HISTORY, CHURCH DOCUMENTS AND OTHER MATTER, WHICH WAS PLACED IN A NICHE IN THE CORNERSTONE. Without delay, a stonemason was hired to remove the cornerstone. Please visit to see photos of the work. The stone was removed; a niche was found, but IT WAS EMPTY. The steering committee then engaged the services of a company that uses nuclear isotopes to “see” through brick and granite. They will “x-ray”parts of the corner the week of August 9th to determine if there is any metal behind the stone. We will keep you informed.

The steering committee continues sending letters to O’Malley, Lennon and Boles requesting a meeting. In addition, we are requesting an RSVP to an invitation issued a year ago to attend our 100th jubilee. We are being ignored in both instances.

We are making final arrangements for the 100th jubilee celebration. If you have not yet made plans to be at mass on September 12th at 10 a.m. and at the banquet at Anthony’s Pier 4 Restaurant immediately after the mass, please do so today. A full church and full restaurant would demonstrate to the media, who will be invited to attend, that we are united and determined to celebrate our 101st anniversary next year. Please come. We are making buttons declaring Save St. Peter Lithuanian Parish and hope that each person in attendance will wear it to emphasize our unity and commitment. Check the website for the order forms.

As part of our Jubilee celebration, we have had a clay model of the church made. It looks wonderful and would be a great remembrance of our 100th jubilee. The clay models were made in Rokiskis, Lithuania and have great detail. Plan on buying one at the banquet. They will be sold for $30.

This week or next, Fr. Zukas is expecting to receive the official letter of suppression from the archdiocese. Once we have the letter in hand, the official appeal, prepared by our canon law attorney, will be sent to O’Malley. We will submit said appeal within ten days of receipt of the letter. O’Malley has thirty days in which to respond. If his response is negative, we then will send an appeal to the Vatican. Meanwhile, the archdiocese continues ignoring us, and carrying on business as usual to complete the parish closings. They have sent appraisers to the church and rectory to evaluate our possessions. They keep insisting that we choose a date for a last mass. It is a process that they are unwilling to decelerate.

Our fundraising continues. We have reached our initial goal and look to continue adding funds to help with the battle. If you have not yet sent in your donation to the cause, please do so today.


Until next time.
Gloria Adomkaitis for the Friends