August 23, 2004


The cornerstone was investigated further with nuclear isotope equipment. (See photos) The “x-rays” did not reveal metal, as in the metal box, which we are seeking, but did reveal two cavities in the brickwork. The steering committee agreed that we must go the next step, i.e., hiring a stonemason to explore the cavities. At this time, I have nothing to report.

Our activities trying to save our parish have been documented in Bridges and Lithuanian Heritage magazine. We are still waiting to hear when the article about the closing of ethnic parishes in Boston will appear in Newsweek. We were told that space in the magazine is at a premium due to the DNC, Olympics, RNC and the election in general.

Archbishop O’Malley continues to ignore our request for a meeting. However, after almost a year and many letters and calls requesting an answer, O’Malley did RSVP to the invitation to attend our 100th jubilee. He declined to attend, stating a previous commitment. He did, however, through his secretary, Fr. Robert Kickham, respond that he would come to our church on Wednesday, September 8th at 7:00 p.m. to celebrate a mass of the day. He also said that he would not speak to parishioners about the imminent closing of our parish. He would not have any conversations with parishioners. The reaction to his declining to attend our 100th jubilee celebration and instead of coming to say mass on the 8th of September has been volatile. Some parishioners are angered, some are disgusted, some are annoyed and some are pleased. There has been much informal discussion about his visit on the 8th and how it should be handled. Some have suggested ignoring him and circling the church while singing Lithuanian hymns, some have suggested filling the church and turning our backs on him, some suggest wearing black and wheeling in a coffin draped in black …. As you can see, the ideas are many. The Parish Pastoral Council will meet Tuesday, August 24th to discuss the visit and discuss a plan of action. I shall keep you informed.

Plans for the Jubilee mass and banquet are being finalized. Choir director, Daiva Navickas, has recruited new members for the special jubilee choir. Rehearsals are Friday evenings in church. Can you contribute your voice and time and join the choir? If you are interested, please go to the church at 7:00 p.m. on Friday.
Tickets to the jubilee luncheon may still be purchased through Alice Ruseckas – 617 268-1068. Please plan to come.

Until next time-

Gloria R. Adomkaitis
For the Friends of St. Peter Lithuanian Parish