Friends of Saint Peter Lithuanian Parish – Update # 12

October 24, 2004


This update is written as a reminder of the activity being planned for Sunday, October 31st, 2004 at the Church.

On this date, after the 10:30 a.m. mass, Msgr. Contons will bless the crosses brought by parishioners. The crosses will then be brought outside to the front of the Church, where they will be affixed to the railing of the church or will be “planted” in pots of soil.

It is hoped that there will be hundreds of crosses symbolizing our faith and our resistance to the suppression of our Parish. The Hill of Crosses or Kryziu Kalnas in Lithuania was and still is a magnificent symbol or Lithuanian resistance to atheism and communism. Our humble display of crosses will be our own symbol of resistance.

Please come. Please participate. The more people at mass, the more crosses adorning the church…the greater and more powerful the statement we are trying to make!
If you cannot come on Sunday, October 31st, you may send your cross with someone else. You may bring your crosses at a later date and you may affix them yourselves (just bring string or wire). You may place your cross in memory of a loved one, in memory of the church founders, in the name of your family or individual members or, of course, anonymously. Your crosses may have your intentions written on them, or you can add a message tied on with ribbon or string. Do whatever you choose, just participate!

The final date for parish closure has not been received as of this date. As soon as we hear anything, we shall share the news. Please share this information to dispel rumors to the contrary.

We shall be mailing information about a possible “live-in”. Please respond to our inquiry so that we may make an informed decision about the feasibility of beginning and sustaining a lengthy “live-in”.

Hope to see many of you on Sunday, October 31st at the 10:30 a.m. mass bearing crosses for our Hill of Crosses/Kryziu Kalnas.

Until then –

Gloria Adomkaitis
For the Friends of St. Peter Lithuanian Parish