Hill of Crosses



Today I thought of bulldozers disassembling St. Peterís Church.

It was devastating to visualize that event.Condos built where our church once stood.

It made me think of the Hill of Crosses.†† Every time the Communists destroyed it, the Hill of crosses would grow once again.



Why canít we build our own Hill of Crosses

in front of and around St. Peter Lithuanian Church?



Letís call to a Higher Power to protect our sacred ground

Join usÖ

Take down a cross off your wall

Make one out of popsicle sticks or branches from a tree in your yard.

Do it in the name of a loved one,or in the name of your family

Do it for Christ, and his holy mother Mary

Place a cross for Lithuania


On October 31sst,after the 10:30 Sunday Mass, there will be candlelight ceremony where we will be placing crosses, big ones, little ones, home made, store bought, sentimental onesÖ



We wantthe archdiocese to know and understand that our church is a sacred place, and should not be disturbed.Inthe spirit of ďvelinesĒ or All Soulsí Dayletís rememberthose who built St. Peter Lithuanian Church and letíshonor their memory by helping build our very own Kryziu Kalnas or Hill of Crosses.


Letís calluponour Faith in God to save St. Peter Lithuanian ParishÖ , the same Faith thatkept rebuildingthe Hill of Crosses in Lithuania under Communist oppression..



Pass this idea on to a friend .