Support in Lithuania / Parama Parapijai Lietuvoje

Nuotrauka is siu metu liepos 16d. Lietuvos pasaulieciu susitikimo su Vatikano nuncijumi Vilniuje Vatikano ambasadoje, kurio metu, naujuju emigrantu motinu vardu buvo iteiktas susirupinimo lasikas Jo sventenybei popieziui.

This photo depicts a group of Lithuanians from Vilnius, who support Saint Peter Lithuanian Parish and, who on July 16th, marched in front of the Vatican Embassy in Vilnius and prayed for the continuance of our parish. The group met with the Papal Nuncio at the Vatican Embassy and presented him a letter of concern about the fate of St. Peter Parish from mothers of recent immigrants to Boston. It is hoped that this letter will be presented to the Pope.