Our Goal: To challenge the intent to close St. Peter Lithuanian Parish by the Archdiocese of Boston. To keep
St. Peter Lithuanian Parish open and continuing to function as the spiritual and cultural center of the Lithuanian community in Greater Boston and the surrounding areas for the next 100 years.

Our Mission: To formulate an appeal to the archdiocese to reconsider the intent to close and to spread our message about the reasons why St. Peter Lithuanian Parish should remain open to as wide an audience as possible.

How We’re Organized

Steering committee. Coordinates and oversees all activities conducted under the auspices of Friends of St. Peter Lithuanian Parish. Members are: Gloria Adomkaitis, Gintaras Cepas, Rima Knasas, William Olevitz and Anthony Shalna.

Finance Committee: Receives and manages all donations made to Friends for purpose of challenging the Archdiocese's decision to close St. Peter Lithuanian Parish. Members are: Algis Adomkaitis, Vytautas Dilba, and Wanda Griganavicius Kiely.

Appeals Committee. Pursues legal and internal church avenues to change Archbishop O’Malley’s decision to close St. Peter Lithuanian Parish. Members are: Gintaras Cepas, Dave Ferrari, Tomas Girnius, Dalija Karoblis, Dana Keturakis, Robertas Kuliunas, Ruth Nauyokas, Bill Olevitz, John and Gema Phillips, Peter Raskauskas, Joanne Shalna, John Zebris, Birute Ziaugra,

Public Relations Committee. Gains public support and works to influence Archbishop O’Malley to reverse his decision to close St. Peter Lithuanian Parish. Members are: David Casper, Valentina Cepas, Mirga Girnius, Rima Girnius, Marija Gostautas, Daiva Gostautas, Vytenis Izbickas, Ula Jurkunas, Andrius Knasas, Reda Limantas, Aldona Lingertaitiene, Ieva Matulionyte, Daiva Navickas, Alice Olevitz, Pat and Arnold Plevock, Alice Ruseckas, Barbra Trybe, Aldona Turaskyte, Brenda Wachak, Florence and Frances Zaleskas, Mary Zaremba, Diana Zibaitis

Web Site Committee: Kazys Adomkaitis, Daiva Kiliulis, and Angelika Kazakaitis

How to join a Committee:

Appeals: Contact Gintaras Cepas. Telephone: 617 472-4956. E-mail:

Public Relations: Contact Mirga Girnius. Telephone: 978 692-4625. E-mail:

o r Rima Girnius: Telephone: 617 471-6041. E-mail:

General Help:
Contact : Gloria Adomkaitis. Telephone: 617 696-5936

What We’re Doing

Appeals Committee:
Looking for documents to support our cause.
Preparing documents to support our cause.

Public Relations Committee:
Organizing rallies, vigils, demonstrations, telephone drives.
Keeping contact with media.
Investigating venues for advertising.
Keeping contact with other parishes being closed.
Stuffing envelopes, maintaining parishioner lists.